January 6th, 2009

lea michele, tiny_pixy

Mix it up, Radio Disney.

I'm laughing 'cause I've been listening to Radio Disney for an hour, because Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers have taken over.  The interviews are hilarious, but the music is crackin me up.  They LITERALLY play a total for 4 artists.  Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus (damn that multiple personality disorder) / High School Musical Cast.  They occasionally play some Taylor Swift, though.  Thank GOD it's not often, though.

LOL.  I mean, I shouldn't expect much... but they're literally playing like every song from each of their albums in a shuffled order.  It's not a creative mix.  I think Demetria is the only LEGIT artist.  JB can KIND OF qualify, as long as they're not singing live.  haha.

I wish I was a Radio Disney DJ.  Seems chill.  You barely have to listen to any outside music.  Just buy like four CD's and you're set.  Sounds like a dream job.  Call me up, Ernie D. 

You know who I miss?  Those kids that I made friends w/ at the Jimmy Kimmel JB taping.  Yo, CHICAGO AND CERRITOS!  Holla at me!

lea michele, tiny_pixy

Concert list.

I was wondering how many concerts / live performances I've been to, so I thought I'd use this blog to think about it and list the one's I have been to.  It's a pretty random list, so don't judge me.  Haha.

Switchfoot / Everybody Else
Backstreet Boys - Never Gone Tour
Motion City Soundtrack / Plain White T's
Gym Class Heroes / Cobra Starship
One Republic
HelloGoodbye / One Republic
HelloGoodbye - Carson Daly Show
HelloGoodbye / Papa Roach / Lupe Fiasco.  HAHA. - CD USA
HelloGoodbye, again... somewhere.  Some time in the winter.  LOL.
Aly & AJ - House of Blues.
Maroon 5 - Jimmy Kimmel
Jonas Brothers - Jimmy Kimmel
Jordin Sparks - Jimmy Kimmel
The Format
American Idol Tour Season 6
Kelly Clarkson / Clay Aiken tour 2x.  HAHA.
Kelly Clarkson - San Diego.
Everybody Else / We Shot the Moon
Demi Lovato - The Roxy
Demi Lovato - Citadel Mall
Demi Lovato - Wiltern

Maybe there's more.  I can't remember, but that's all I got right now.  Haha.  Random.  It's kinda fun to figure out!  =]