Angelica (angelica_yo) wrote,

Concert list.

I was wondering how many concerts / live performances I've been to, so I thought I'd use this blog to think about it and list the one's I have been to.  It's a pretty random list, so don't judge me.  Haha.

Switchfoot / Everybody Else
Backstreet Boys - Never Gone Tour
Motion City Soundtrack / Plain White T's
Gym Class Heroes / Cobra Starship
One Republic
HelloGoodbye / One Republic
HelloGoodbye - Carson Daly Show
HelloGoodbye / Papa Roach / Lupe Fiasco.  HAHA. - CD USA
HelloGoodbye, again... somewhere.  Some time in the winter.  LOL.
Aly & AJ - House of Blues.
Maroon 5 - Jimmy Kimmel
Jonas Brothers - Jimmy Kimmel
Jordin Sparks - Jimmy Kimmel
The Format
American Idol Tour Season 6
Kelly Clarkson / Clay Aiken tour 2x.  HAHA.
Kelly Clarkson - San Diego.
Everybody Else / We Shot the Moon
Demi Lovato - The Roxy
Demi Lovato - Citadel Mall
Demi Lovato - Wiltern

Maybe there's more.  I can't remember, but that's all I got right now.  Haha.  Random.  It's kinda fun to figure out!  =]
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